Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Last Post!

An invitation to Rangemore Hall by the Chairman of Rangemore & Tatenhill History Society.

Dr John R Fawn was interested in the history of Needwood School for the Partially Deaf, a meeting was arranged with photographs & information of where the classrooms & dormitories etc. 
The highlight of the day was a guided walk around the grounds
February 2018


This blog will be closing down after the Needwood Grand Reunion September 2018


Unknown said...

Hi this is Geoffrey Garner can I ask why it closing this is the only way I get to know whats been happening with the old school .I dont get to know anything by any other way.

David Hobbs said...

Hi Geoffrey. After more than 10 years of Needwoodnews which I had created for NSOSA committee, it was time for the next committee to take up the challenge! You can access Needwood Reunion Club, Needwood Rangers and Bill Boswell's Needwood Photos on Facebook, you can chat and make comments with old friends. So try it. David Hobbs

David Hobbs said...

Contact by email :

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