Friday, 30 October 2015

Mr Kevin Watts speech

Hi Everyone

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of the NSOSA to welcome you all here today to our school reunion here at the Hilton Hotel.
It amazes me that we sold all our tickets, yes all 200 of them so I am very proud that you all still want to be involved with Needwood. Well let me tell you, I feel our bond is so strong that we are not ex pupils and staff we are family so that's why there are so many of us here today.

I would like to thank past committee for all the hard work they did in the past, if it wasn't for them, maybe we would not be here today so thanks again to all those who have served on the committee.
Thanks also to Simon and Tina and others who set up Face Book , and for arranging mini reunions. However can we please try and work together as I believe very strongly that it's better to have one face book page instead of several different ones, remember we are family and families do have their ups and downs.
It's nice to see old teachers here today who I have not seen for donkey years, welcome France's and Christine. I hope you have an enjoyable evening.
At the last reunion we promise that we would keep the cost of tickets down, well this time we have been able to provide a 3 course meal of your choosing which is the first time this has happen.

In order to keep cost our down, please bear in mind sending out newsletter and invitation costs us in the region of £500, so please can we, where possible move over to electronic mail as this will help us save money and also help us to have more reunions in the future with sit down meals.

I would like us to say grace now, it's slightly difference from what we said in the dining room at Needwood, as I have added in ' for what we have chosen ', because today we are sitting down as a family and had a choice of menu, therefore it's the very first time we have done this. Please stand up.
For what we have chosen and are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen.

Thank you very much, please be seated and have a wonderful evening, any problems or issues please let us know tomorrow.

Editor's note : There will be another REUNION in 2018
So start saving.........££££££

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