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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Jamie Dawson Marathons

 Jamie our Needwoodian 'Forest Gump'! Still running endlessly, this is what he had to say.

I will keep this write up short, I do try some humour but I fear rather thin on the ground on this one.

So, I have eventually sat down, do a write up about my marathons. As one day in the not too far ahead, I will be sitting in my rocking chair remembering what a lunatic thing I did in my running days, but I hope you enjoy reading this and having a gander at my memories of the days.

I never usually worry too much about the race itself, I tend to focus on logistic. What time to get up, what to wear, how to get there,,, will there be enough loos before the start. Marathons number 51, Beach head, Eastbourne on 26th October 2013.It's counting towards my 10 marathons in 9 months in 2013.
I never set out to run more than 50 marathons. I ran my first marathon in London in 1998, and now completed all 26.2 miles races. The possibility sort of crept up on me when i turned 50 years old and I completed 20 mmarathons three years ago.
Like thousands of other runners, I started running after watching the Great South Run on Television. At first I ran round the block, probably no more than a mile, and really struggling. One year later I finnished my first GSR, and two years later after that I completed my first marathon in London in 1998.
My late wife passed away in 2012. Friends kept telling me after that, that I should book in for the London, but I wasn't ready to bounce back on my feet soon after her death. Instead I went to watch my mate run in London, I kinds of a bit jealous of him, completed a milestone of 100 marathons.
I finally thought that I had to book the Brighton and London in a week on 6th and 13th April 2014, and  have another 10 planned after that.

I'm taking part in the Brighton Marathon 2014 on the 6th of April to raise money for Multiple Scierosis Society and I really appreciate your support. I'm going to be raising money in memory of Sandra Dawson, I have raised £130.00 so far.
It's easy to donate online with a debit or credit card - just visit my JustGiving page;

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Multiple Scierosis Society and automaticaly reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK.

Thank you for your support.


Note from Editor;
What a great way to raise funds and to a worthy cause. Come on Needwoodians, let support Jamie.

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