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Jennifer Edkins nee Knox

My name was Jennifer Knox, I was at Needwood from Jan 1958 to Sept 1961. I left to go to Mary Hare along with Jennifer Shevyn. I still remember the beautiful house and grounds. I also remember being told to take care of the main doors in the house as they were worth such a lot of money and Mr Barrett threatening to replace them if we did not take good care of them. We used to have such good parties as well, especially the Halloween Ones. I also remember all the wild flowers on the rough slopes, that started my love and appreciation of nature. I also remember our visits on Saturday to the sweet shop in the village, decisions, decisions! I wonder if anyone else remembers Mr Barrett chasing the mouse round the dining hall and when we went to Needwood Church we used to watch the mice come out from under the organ! Regards Jenny (now Edkins)
'Editor's note': Any body remembered about the incidence with mice!

Hi David. No problem at all putting my message on Needwood News and a picture. As far as I know the only one I have are the ones I put on facebook but I will take another look over the week. Think I have some sports day ones somewhere, but they are just general snaps, I am not in these as far as I know, was never a sporty person! I remember Lesley Milne, cannot really remember Cheryl Copeland although the name rings a bell. The other Needwood lassie I do remember is Lorraine Curtis, cannot remember her surname just at the moment. I also remember when I started the head girl was a lovely person called Pat. (Could she  have been Pam Hollaway?) My uncle who went along with my dad to take me to Needwood first time, (that would be because he worked on the railway and he would have got cheaper tickets!) always remembered Pat, she made a big impression on him. I remember the name Alex Haniewicz, just cannot picture him though.
  Another name I remembered from Needwood was Sheila Price and I have asked her to be fb friends, cannot remember her surname but she is one of those I can picture, also Olive Henry, Margaret Chappel, Elizabeth Fisk, Clive Hopkins (Haskin) from Luton, I used to like him, but he did not return the favour! I think a Martin ? surname again went to Mary Hare from Needwood, may have gone to Burwood Park first and I used to get on well with him.

Wish I was better at names. I am 63 this year, but think partly it is just that I was not at Needwood in my teens growing up with those of my contemporaries. I am retired now, have been for 1 year. I worked for Cheshire Council after leaving school in admin, then took a long time off being a mum as a lot of us did in those days. Divorced when my eldest was 7 and the youngest 2. I then met Richard with whom I have been married for 25 years now.
 We moved up to S W Scotland and I went back to my daughter's school for a year to take a Higher in Office Studies, then I did various computer courses and got a HNC in Business Management at Local College, and also ECDL. I went to work for a firm called Angela Gore Ltd, a mail order clothing firm, I was their admin person, my eldest daughter and I worked together, same place. When she left I felt very isolated because of the deafness and I became ill with stress and depression and really lost my confidence, - a lot to do with managing in a hearing world. I got it together, did some computer courses at my own pace, then ECDL, then after applying for loads of jobs eventually got a job in admin with Social Services Older Adults Department at Dumfries and Galloway Council from which I retired last year,. I have joined the University of the 3rd age along with another retired colleague of mine and we go to the book club and the poetry group, not that I am any good at poetry, just wanted to know more and expand my horizons, will stick it for a year, then do something else. I have 2 daughters, Jo and Nat, both with partners, Nat lives in Tyne and Wear, so I just get the train every 2 - 3 weeks from Dumfries and go across to the Metro Centre where she meets me and we have a nice afternoon together, so I am lucky I do see a lot of my grandchildren. What with the fruits of our allotment and everything else, I seem to be very busy. I don't know any deaf people here, well I will clarify that, the people I know who have hearing loss are elderly and whom have lost hearing with age. There is a very small deaf club here in Dumfries, it is not like the big clubs. I only took a stage 1 sign language course maybe 3/4 years ago. It will come back to me but I do forget because I do not use it. I keep thinking I should get my books down again and get hold of another CD as we don't now have a video to play the lessons I had on the Video and refresh my memory. I will get around to it! Just thought I would give a bit of a potted history.
Regards Jenny Regards

A lovely potted history as Jenny has described and so some of the girls in the above picture will remember her well and her friend Jennifer Shevyn.

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