Monday, 15 November 2010

Sad News of 'Big Mick'

A sad day.

It was a great shock to hear about the passing of Michael Kirby and we are grateful to Geoffrey Daniels for sending a copy from the obituary page of the Burton Daily Mail. Geoffrey will represent the Needwood Old Scholars and attend the funeral service. Also present were Ivan Jackson & Andrew Furness.

Happy days with Michael at his parents house with his dog. So long BIG MICK, rest in peace.


by Victor James Daley (1858-1905)

What shall a man remember

In days when he is old,

And Life is a dying ember,

And Fame a story told?

Power-that came to leave him?

Wealth-to the wild waves blown?

Fame-that came to deceive him?

Ah, no! Sweet Love alone!

Honour, and Wealth, and Power
May all like dreams depart-
But Love is a fadeless flower
Whose roots are in the heart.

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