Monday, 4 October 2010


Some of the 'comments' from the past 18 months on Needwood News.

Hmm ! Now, can anybody translate this Chinese puzzle !!!!!!!!

Wow Scouts, what about Guides or Brownies ?????? Names please. By suzi wong 17/05/10.

Sunday Walks ???? How can any of us Needwoodians ( especially us older guys) EVER FORGET ?? Did any of our younger generation go on these Sunday walks ?? One thing I will say, it certainly kept us fit and I do have the odd smile or two some of the stuff we got up to keeping a look out for our headmaster Mr Richard Barratt! ahem. By joan 05/04/10.

Lovely photos of Jenny and Jingle. Come on teresa, i'm sure you have got some stories about them ??? By suzi wong 16/03/10.

I think it's asking you for sex! I see gogosex amongst the chinese! And it's being recorded on dvd...... ( had a few chinese commments lately in Chinese !!!! editor). By mad.maggie 12/04/10.

Ha ha I like that comments Mags, never even notices that !! I'm really laughinghere ha . Just looking at photos from Reunion, some great and funny photos there, faces some people pull !!!! ha ha. By suzi wong 16/04/10.

Joan Ainscow (nee Randall) said my first owned car was a Mini. I bought 2 minis for £25 to build one good car-paid several visits to the car scrap yard as well as buying new parts, ie small wooden steering wheel which was my pride and joy - oh I was soooo proud of it and had it for many years until my ex-husband wrote it off hitting a horse!!! ( I thought this was Jim talking ? editor) By joan 02/02/10.

How many of you had a Mini ? Let see photos of ot on blog. By sjbrown 17/01/10.
By Harry Graham (1874-1936)
That morning, when my wife eloped.
With James, our chauffer, how i moped.
What tragedies in life there are!
I'm dashed if i can start the car.

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