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Lost & Found (Milne's)

Well, what can i say. I has received an Email last May from an old childhood school friend saying "Hello this is Lesley Milne can you remember our Dads used to share the driving from your house to school. Can you remember we used to stop at Buxton for a cold drink ( Chocolate & Doughnut with jam in the middle remember? ) and the man with a huge moustache ( like Jimmy Edwards ) he called us over and gave us half a crown each i think ......."

Well, what a surprise after 45 years, gosh that long ! So we have kept in touch and decided to arrange a meeting and what was more appropiate : the Mini Reunion at Wetherspoon last Christmas. So, news has got out and a few of Lesley's old friends has decided to come and what a success that day was. She has decided to stop on with us because she was really thoroughly enjoying herself with her new found friends (this is Needwood, Forever Friends ) and so late at night we went out for a meal with Jim Brown & Susan Ford. Lo and behold, it has started to 'Snow'. What a great way to end the night ! The way we were. 1958, our first Sport Day, showing our athletic prowess with our 'Rossettes'.

Mid Summer Party 1960.

Lesley and Cheryl Copeland, probably 1964 just before leaving Needwood to go to Mary Hare Grammer School.

Lesely with her best friend at Needwood, Mrs Helen Cottrill nee Maccallum.

The way we are 2009, 51 years later, meeting up for the first time. Gosh younger than ever !! Come on, be truthful.

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Sunday Walks.
One Sunday my mother & 'aunty' set off from Nantwich to visit Coventry Cathedral. On their way back from Coventry they decided to pay me a surprised visit. They were driving along that stretch of road from Barton-under-Needwood to the New Inn when a car overtook them. They could see that it was going too fast & watched in horror when they saw it went out of control & ploughed into a group of children. They saw one child was knocked down onto the ground & that was ME ! (Margaret Chapple). What a shock for them when they saw it was me, so of course they imagined the worst when the stopped. Well luckily all I had was some cuts down the back of my legs. All I remember is a mighty loud bang behind me & I was lying on the ground. The car was lying upside down in a ditch ! Mr Williams was driving along the stretch of road & witness the accident too. My mother took me back to school to get myself attended to.
My memory cell is very small & what i don't remember is WHO was with me in that group of school children. I think there was 3 others with me. I think I was 12 - 14 so that would make it the year 1961 - 63. Can anybody enlighten me. Thank you.
Mrs Margaret Dorkins nee Chapple.

The Secret.
By George Edward Woodberry (1855-1930).
Nightingales warble about it,
All night under blossom and star;
The wild swans is dying without it,
And the eagle crieth afar;
The sun he doth mount but to find it,
Searching the green earth o'er;
But more doth a man's heart mind it,
Oh, more, more, more!
Over the gray leagues of ocean,
The infinite yearneth alone;
The forests with wandering emotion,
The thing they know not intone;
Creation arose but to see it,
A million lamps in the blue;
But a lover he shall be it,
If one sweet maid is true.

Needwood School.
We became school chums
In a grand house
With gardens, lakes and flowers
Woods, fields and trees.
Time to leave and say goodbyes
To the sheltered life
Part of our lives died
When life sees dark
So full of fears.
And hopes are filled with pain
When you feel lost
Upon life's path
Then guidance comes again.
Each passing phase
When all seems lost
Will turn around-you'll see
Then future hopes
And future strengths
Will flourish there to be.
For in your heart
You'll find the place
Where all you've lost will grow
When thoughts as wings
Upon the air
Into your life will flow.
When life returns
With love so bright
Ideas and hopes conceived
Remember then
In passing thoughts
What you've so far achieved
Your dreams of hope
Are shared by all
Their loving thoughts bestow
When times are hard
Don't give up hope
For doubts and fears will go.
School chums
Same upbringing
Feeling forgiven
Strong bonds in tow
Recall happy days
And happy times.
Always here to stay
We share our dreams
And hope
Upon life's path
Back to that sheltered place
Which we call home.
Linda Breeze nee Evans

Ten things you never knew about.... Yorkshire Puddings;
1, The earliest known reference to what is now known as Yorkshire pudding was in a book The Whole Duty Of A Woman written in 1737.
2, The first time it was called 'The Yorkshire pudding' in print was in 1747 in The Art of Cookery Made Plain And Easy by Hannah Glasse.
3, and the earliest citation in the Oxford English Dictionary for the abbreviation 'Yorkshire pud' dates back only to 1975.
4, Traditionally, Yorkshire pudding was eaten as separate course before the meat was served.
5, A 'Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race' was held in Bawby, Yorkshire, from 1999 to 2001.
6, The 3ft-long boats were madefrom Yorkshire pudding and coated with Yacht varnish.
7, The event was the brainchild of Simon Thackary. The group behind it has coptrighted the 'Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race' name.
8, If you throw sausages into the batter, it becomes'toad -in-the-hole'.9, Yorkshire Pudding Day was inauqurated in 2008 and is always held on the first Sunday in February.
10, The Restaurant at St Paul's Cathedral in London will be serving a special Yorkshire pudding lunch on Sunday (today the 7th) in honour of the dish.

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