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Needwood Sporting Days.

Needwood School, sporting events and achievements.

Boys Football team, winners of The Denmark Cup in 1980.
They played Whitebrooke from Manchester with the fianl score 4-3 in our favour. The scorers were Adam Hodge-2, Mark Lunn and Stephen Bent. The line up is : Adam Hodge, Scott Furley, Mark Lunn, Errol Haughton (goalkeeper), Stephen Smith, David Rutter, PE Teacher Mr Stubbins. Sitting : Joseph Vieira, Gary Hollins, Philip John (captain), Martin Kemble and Stephen Bent.
Many thanks to Adam Hodge for the details.

Needwood House Athletic team, winners of 1982.

Boys Cricket team, winners of The Shorrock Cup 1980 (?). Beating Derby, Manchester and Longwill schools.
Any body got any further details for me to add ?

Boys Football team, winners of the The Denmark Cup in 1970, beating the Stoke school by 7 goals to 1 at Derby school sport field. Wow !! Some achievement and what a goal feast. They played Bolton, Braidwood on the way to the final. The scorers were Jimmy Lamb, Stephen Wilkinson-2, Bruce Findley-3, and an own goal !
The line up is (may not be in order?) Robert Devey, Peter Powe, Stephen Wilkinson, Jimmy Lambe, Timothy Clarke, Robert Stevenson, Gareth Jones ,Mr Howell (coach), Kneeling Christopher Swift, Neil Baker, Bruce Findley (captain), George Twist (goalkeeper), Neil Baker. Missing is Andrew Lynch as subtituite(was acting linesman on the day of the final) Wondered how our team scores so many goals !!!.
That a hat-trick ! (wondered if this is the first in the Denmark Cup ?) in this competition !!! And Bruce Findley may be the only player to have played in all 3 Finals !
Many thanks to Peter Wallace for the details.
I also understand that the Needwood football team has won the Denmark Cup again in 1969 ! I assume that Brian Ashley, Micheal Jedras, Robert Devey, Wallace Jones, Kevin James, Bruce Findley, Micheal Green and probably Roy Cope as goalkeeper would be in the line up with new players of 1970 team ? Do anybody have any information or pictures ?
Girls Netball team, winners of The Stella Lewis Cup in 1968. Having played Whitebrooke,
Manchester and then Birkdale into the final .
The line up is : Helen Graham, Jean Kitchen, Dorothy Barber, Gina Harridence, Sonia Wincott, kneeling are Blanche Graham, Pamela Drury and Ann Bowler.
Many thanks to Helen Chapman for the details.
Boys Football team, winners of The Denmark Cup in 1968. Having played Bolton, Birmingham, Manchester (i'm a bit vague about the teams we played on the way to the final ?)and in the final Birkdale scoring 3 goals without reply at Stoke school sport field. The scorers were Kevin James-2 and maybe Mario Lamano ?
The line up is : Kevin James, Robert Devey, David Hobbs (goalkeeper), Gulzer Khoker, Mario Lammano, Roy Cope, Mr Howell (coach), kneeling are Micheal Jedras, Bruce Findlay, Wallace Jones (captain), Brian Ashley and Micheal Green.

Boys Football team, 1962/3 ?
Had anybody got any details about this photo ? Would appreciate your input.
Standing : ?, Stephen Alderson, John Jones ?, John Buchannon, David Price, Peter Flower.
Kneeling : Ian Turner, Kieth Miller, Colin Heath, John Fotherby and David Goyns.
Old Before Your Time
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Your body will be first to say
Its architecture leads the way
When downstairs flat
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Now that which once grew
thick on top
And cluttered up
the barbershop
Sprouts raggedly
from cracks and nooks
Where these days,
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All shrouded in a dressing gown
A woolly world from this point on
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Old wkatisname or whatsername
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The mirror's keeping
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While you become
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Since time, the vandal,
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Enjoy it, while you have
your health.

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