Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More Memories of the Rough Slopes !

Hide & Seek and Snogging !!!

Having seen this picture and also read a comments by Suzi Wong* of what she had mention about the Girls taking their Boyfriends into the woods for a SNOG !!!

Can anyone recall a game for Boys & Girls, where (Neigh lad, what is that horse doing?) the boys stand behind the tree and count probably to 100?
Meanwhile, the girls run off into the woods to Hide. When the boys have counted, they set off in all direction to Seek their favourite girl ?

The game idea, is for the boy to Tag the girl in order to be rewarded with a Kiss ! That if he can catch her !!!
And also, if it's successful. We reverse the roles and start again, what fun.

Does this jog any Old Needwoodian's memories or can you correct me ? Come on Post your comments and get communicating!!!

* Suzi Wong ? She must be a very shy,reserving timid young lady hiding herself behind an "alias" ! (Believe me not !) Know what i mean Sus... Ooops, nearly let the cat out of the bag ! (Anyway, who were you snogging? Hand up Boys).

Youth and Age by George Arnold (1834-1865)

Youth hath many charms,-
Hath many joys, and much delight;

Even its doubts, and vague alarms,
By contrast make it bright;

And yet - and yet - forsooth,
I love Age as well as Youth!

Well, since i love them both,
The good of both i will combine,

In women, i will look for Youth,
And look for Age, in wine:

And then - and then - i'll bless
This twain that gives me happiness!

It dropped so low in my regard by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

It dropped so low in my regard i heard it hit the ground,

And go to pieces on the stones at the bottom of my mind;

Yet blamed the fate that fractured,less than i reviled myself

For entertaining plated wares upon my silver shelf.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The big kitchen garden at Rangemore Hall

These glass palaces, as some called them, were hideously expensive to run but they were a badge of presige. At Rangemore in Burton-on-Trent, which belonged to the brewers Bass, there were forty glasshouse, with three and a half miles of pipes, and three huge boilers. Inside, the work was hot and long and hard, a perpetual anxiety. The boilers called for hefty-armed stoking, and the complicated systems of pipes needed delicate regulation with the stopcock and valves. Too hot and the plants would fry; too cold and they would shrivel; too humid and they would rot. Without wind or bees, there were problems of pollinations and the gardeners had to run with the brushes from one flower to the next. But the glasshouse staff took great pride in displaying their wonderous produce.

Memories of Summer days on the Rough Slopes.

I have been reading a book entitled "A Little History of British Gardening" by Jenny Uglow. There was a reference to the Big Kitchen Garden and the Glasshouse at Rangemore Hall. This jogged my memory. Adjacent to the perimeter boundary walls were the Rough Slopes.

I remembered the times we spent here in the evening playing Cowboys & Indians, War Games, Hide & Seek etc, also our favourite pass time: building a den. We used planks of wood to build a roof over the hollowed ground onto the red brick wall.

After the summer holidays, back on the slope, we would find our den had been flattened. "Blamed it on the Rangemore boys!" We used to say. We would rebuild it, nip over the wall to pick some apples from the orchard. Then, enjoy our spoils back at the den! Bliss!

Can anybody recall their time on the Rough Slopes?

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