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Friday, 8 September 2017

Back to School

Summer holiday is over this weekend. On Sunday 10th September or around this date is the day we all arrived at Rangemore in time for tea and for a film show in the evening. What were your thoughts and feelings at Needwood School seeing friends again, remember checking out which dormitory you are in, dining room table plan and class room grade you have moved up to. Any new pupils?
After 7 weeks of home cooked foods, did your uniform still fit? That meant new uniform is needed.
 Below is an example of what used to cost for a new pupil to be fully fitted out on admission.
Many thanks to Ann Jedras for allowing me to publish her late husband Michael personal collection of documents and Jim Brown for the photo copies, much appreciated.

Wow £17 4s 5p, this is more than the average weekly wage at the time! Hence a fair offer to pay off in full, monthly or weekly.

Do any of you have anything saved from your parents? From the late 60s, 70s & 80s. I would be very grateful if you have anything that I could publish


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